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How To Decide If A Tradeshow Is Right For Your Product

With 1000’s of events going ahead each year, it’s become apparent that attending an exhibition can be beneficial for your brand as well as your products. When planning towards an event the end result is to gain business, building the brand and growing sales to widen your target audience.

Searching for the right event to attend can be difficult, as you’ll see new business opportunities and industry cross overs. However, it’s important that the event is right for your products and that you’ll see a positive return. Afterall, choosing to go to an event can be costly. So, make sure this isn’t a costly mistake.

There are things you can do to make sure the event is right for you, and we’ve created a list to make it simple for you.


It’s a simple task but very effective. You’ll be connected to others in the industry so make use of those and ask about their experiences and understand what they took away from the event.

Also, enquire about any suggestions they have and the shows they feel have been worth while to them. Taking advice from an individual that has had that experience is a great place to start.

Attend the event as an attendee

In the same line as research, attending the event the year before can really help your decision. You’ll be able to work the floor, discover the brands and stands that are there. You’ll also be able to see the crowd and the audience that the show is attracting.

Be sure to take some tips when it comes to the stand design too. Showcasing your brand effectively is half of the battle when it comes to drawing a crowd towards your stand.

Consider the costs

As with all exhibition aspects, it’s important that the costs comfortably sit within your budget and your not stretching yourself. As touched on previously, the aim is to build the business and not hinder your position. A great tip would be to find a local event which has the same connections to your business but could help save your budget for a rainy day.


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